Insure Your Most Valuable Asset – YOU

Insuring yourself can be the most important step for insuring your future.

All too often we set about insuring the goods that we have purchased, but we don’t insure what enabled us to purchase those goods – that is our ability to earn an income. You may have heard the old tale – ‘If you had a goose that laid golden eggs what would you insure; the eggs or the goose?’

Insurance protection has developed into an array of sophisticated yet essential products. Just as we have seen great advancement in health care, so too we have seen more change with insurance options.

You are no longer restricted to basic life insurance cover. Your insurance options now include:

  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) – Pays the insured amount of money if you become totally & permanently disabled
  • Trauma Insurance – Pays the insured amount of money on diagnosis of major medical issues such as cancer and heart attack
  • Child Trauma – Pays the insured amount of money for any medical diagnosis for a minor
  • Income Protection – Pays a regular income if you are unable to perform your duties at work due to accident or illness
  • Key-Person Insurance – If you are in business, you should consider the key people that keep your business afloat.

There are many more options and each can be tailored to meet your needs and budget.

The most important step

The most important step is of course making a start to protect you & your family

Who should have insurance cover?

Traditionally the ‘breadwinner’ would have been the main person in applying for insurance.  That is an old-fashioned view. Today, most people should seriously consider their insurance options.

In simple terms you should consider how your bills and retirement would be paid if you (and your partner) suffered a major illness or accident. Key costs to consider include:

  • Funding the retirement – How will this be done with if you lost your income
  • Payment of mortgages and other debts
  • Costs associated with raising the children, including education
  • Business-related costs – If you own a business, how will that business survive?

How to get started

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