Prepare for Life – Issue 29

Switching or consolidating super funds can be a very risky business

Downsizing – making extra contributions to super

Golden oldie

Prepare for Life – Issue 28

Christmas – A time of reflection and renewal

Using super to buy your first home

Should I consolidate my super?

Prepare for Life – Issue 27

Could selfies be your passport to healthier insurance?

Does ‘transition to retirement’ still work?

Housing affordability – is it a crisis?

Prepare for Life – Issue 26

Is that on Paypass? Technology is wonderful, isn’t it?

Federal budget review

A ‘super’ new financial year

Prepare for Life – Issue 24

On the brink of another shake up

Don’t ignore super till it’s too late

Christmas: an increase in cheer and a decrease in funds

Prepare for Life – Issue 22

Change is as good as a holiday

Getting assistance at home

Managing money made easy

Are you keeping up?

Prepare for Life – Issue 21

Getting your finances under control

Is superannuation a flawed retirement strategy?

Are you retirement ready?

Tech Tips

Prepare for Life – Issue 20

Manage your debt, don’t let it manage you

10 retirement commandments

Saving your age pension, one gift at a time

From Values to Action: The four principles of

Prepare for Life – Issue 19

Will you be able to live the dream?

Planning a home reno? Read this first

5 ways to avoid a property investment disaster

Prepare for Life – Issue 18

In this issue:

  • Use that budget you made
  • Do your paperwork each week
  • Boost your super every payday

Prepare for Life – Issue 17

In this Issue:

  • Why does my bank require a month’s notice if I want to withdraw from my term deposit
  • Why is notice now required
  • What does this have to do with me as a term deposit owner


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